Windows Server 2008 Certification
On this Web site, you will find all the information and help you need to complete the Works with Windows Server 2008 and Certified for Windows Server 2008 programs.
Microsoft has improved the software certification program to be more achievable, valuable and affordable. There are two offerings, "Certified for" and "Works with", which ISVs can pursue to take advantage of the marketing benefits for developing solutions on Windows Server 2008. Be one of the first to demonstrate to your customers and competitors that your applications take advantage of key technologies, like 64-bit and Hyper-V functionality.
Works with Windows Server
Works with Windows 2008 indicates that the application passed Microsoft's compatibility tests on the platform. Pursue the optional Hyper-V designation which indicates application readiness for Hyper-V.
Windows Vista
Certified for Windows 2008 demonstrates that the application meets Microsoft's technical bar for best practices on the platform and is ready for mission critical environments. Pursue the optional Hyper-V designation which indicates an application's readiness for Hyper-V deployment.
In addition to these two certification programs you can also use the Innovate On website to tell customers of your plans to provide technical support for applications installed on Windows Server 2008. Simply enroll on the site, profile your solution, supply the date that user support will be available on the Windows Server 2008 platform, and give us your permission to publish this information to customers. Visit the enrollment page for more details.
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