Windows Server 2008 Certification

Works with
Windows Server 2008 

Follow the steps to ensure your application is compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V
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Works With Windows Server
Reach More Customers
The Works with Windows Server 2008 designation identifies applications that meet the Microsoft technical bar for application compatibility. The “Works with” designation helps instill confidence in customers when they deploy applications. 
1. Get Windows Server 2008
Download the trial version of the latest build of Windows Server 2008. And visit this portal to find out the latest information on how to develop applications on the Windows Server 2008 platform.
2. Get Started
Download detailed step-by-step instructions to help you participate in the Works with Windows Server 2008 program and persue the optional Hyper-V designation.
3. Get Technical Guidance  
Download the following documents and tools:
4. Enroll with Winqual 
  • Create a Winqual Account
    Your company may already have a Windows Quality Labs (Winqual) account. If not, you will need to create one by visiting Winqual and selecting the “Establish an Account” button. All Winqual accounts require a VeriSign Digital ID which allows Microsoft to identify your organization on the Winqual site. Click here obtain a VeriSign ‘Microsoft Authenticode’ Code Signing Digital ID ($399 USD).
  • Create an XML Submission Package
    Download the Microsoft Product Identification Tool, and follow the step-by-step instructions to create a unique XML submission package for your application. This tool, along with your VeriSign Digital ID will be necessary to create a product signature for your installed application, and will be part of the entire submission package that you provide your authorized testing authority.
5. Driver Validation – Optional
Please note: This step is only required for applications with kernel-mode drivers.

If your application includes device drivers or filter drivers you must have documented proof of passing the Windows Hardware Quality Labs tests prior to submitting the application to the test vendor. Visit the Windows Logo Program for Hardware Web site and review the section titled WLK and WDK Updates and News for the latest updates on the Windows Logo Kit and Windows Driver Kit.
6. Apply for Testing Waivers 
Microsoft may occasionally grant limited waivers for specific test requirements on a case-by-case basis. Independent software vendors seeking waivers must justify the need for a waiver, document the application's behavior and impact on users, and agree to publish the information conspicuously for customers prior to installation.

Microsoft reserves the right to publish waiver documentation for customers seeking information on certified software.  Download the Works with Windows Server 2008 Waiver Application. Submit the waiver request to wslogofb@microsoft.com.
7. Get your Application Tested
Engage an authorized test vendor to receive instructions on how to submit your application for testing and to have the test fee waived.

Authorized test vendors include: 

Please note: Applications may be submitted in any language. However, the testing process and communication with the authorized test vendor may be conducted in English only.
8. Increase Global Awareness of your Application
After your test vendor has transmitted the passing results to Winqual, you will need to log back into your Winqual account and digitally sign the Logo Licensing Agreement by clicking on “Accept”. Once this agreement is signed your Works with application will automatically be placed on the Windows Server Catalog. In addition, you will be prompted to download the Works with Windows Server 2008 Logo artwork.

For questions regarding placement in the Windows Server Catalog send email to wscat@microsoft.com.
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